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Welcome to Flow Therapy!

Allison Armao L.I.S.W.

Founder of Flow Therapy Services , Allison brings 20 years of experience working within the mental health field, with a concentration in trauma.

Beginning her career with 5 years of working with traumatized children at St. Joseph Orphanage she went on to obtain her M.S.W. at the University Of Kentucky with an emphasis in Clinical Social Work. After obtaining her degree and deciding to pursue her career in Clinical Social Work she spent the next 5 years working for Mental Health Services North Central where she also began training with the Psychoanalytic Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. During this time period she began working with high risk populations in a day treatment program, working and training in the areas of self mutilation and eating disorders as well as anxiety and depression.

Continuing to pursue her interest in Trauma and pursue her specialty in all areas of mental health, Allison spent the next 10 years as the Director of the Sexual Violence Program for Clermont Counseling Center in Milford, Ohio and working part time for 8 years on the Clermont County Crisis/Suicide line.

After 20 years of working within the field of mental health Allison switched careers to pursue working part time as an assistant teacher with 3-6 year olds at her childrens’ Montessori School. In addition to allowing her more time with her growing family she was able to continue to explore new areas of knowledge in healing, including Yoga, Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavior Therapies.

In 2012 she returned to the field of Mental Health as a Pro Bono Therapist for the United Way MHA program receiving the 2013 Founders Award for exemplary service to improve the delivery of mental health in the community of Cincinnati, Ohio.

As part of her ongoing commitment to building resilience and independence in children, Flow Therapy Services will offer Yoga and Mindfulness trainings for children of all ages, as well as individual therapy for ages 14 and up.